One of the most persistent fears we're seeing at Team Watchdog is about supplies. Curfew hours are tight, and a lot of people are afraid that spending time in rush hours at shops and supermarkets will increase the chance of infection.

To try and reduce the time spent in these places (and to prevent hassle), the teams at and Watchdog Sri Lanka are curating a service for you to purchase basics:

  1. Dry Goods (Rice, Dhal, Canned products)
  2. Produce (Fruits and Vegetables)
  3. Sanitization Products (Gloves, Masks, Sanitizers)

There's a form here at Both for people and families looking to purchase goods and well as suppliers, store owners or distributors that are able to provide these goods.

The team can't cover the whole country, but we can do Colombo. We'll be putting vehicles on the road (with permission from the relevant authorities), and following tight protocols for disinfection and as safe a delivery as humanly possible. Along the way we'll be minimizing overheads as much as possible to slow down or prevent price gouging.

If you register, the team at will get in touch with you. This isn't something any of us ordinarily do, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.



Quickhelp is a service that usually connects home repairs and cleaning people to residents. They run out of Dehiwala and have this book-and-be-served system and backend ops that are going to be used for this (

Is Watchdog making money off this?

No, we don't. This is purely support and work from our side for something where we know the people involved, have an idea of the capacity, and trust them. The idea is to maintain sanitation, keep overheads low and do what we can to prevent the price gouging kicking in (basic economics: supply and demand. That would be pretty bad).

Are there others who are doing this?

Yes, there are. Others performing similar services include Lassana Flora ( and Kapruka (, to name some of the most used. The more the better.